12 Miles Below II: A House Reborn: A Progression Fantasy Epic

Written by:
Mark Arrows
Narrated by:
Scott Aiello

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
16 hours 13 minutes
Danger stalks across the surface.

Tension and panic rise within the clan as whispers of a massive raider army of a size never before heard of, rallying together.

They plan a grand crusade to sweep across the white wastes, eliminating any who stand in their way. Their numbers are legion, their power and resources near limitless. And their course is set to cross the clan.

In these dark times, the people turn to their immortal leader, who orchestrates a counter-campaign, rallying allies and might from any corner he can find.

With war looming across the land, Keith will need to unravel the secrets of a power that shattered the world eons ago. It might very well be the clan’s only salvation from the impending storm.

But he will have to do so alone.

Book two of a Progression Fantasy epic set around a pseudo-medieval society clinging to existence on frozen post-apocalyptic Earth. Impossible odds, weak-to strong progression, dungeon-delving, epic battles, scavenged tech, prophecy, magic, and mystery—12 Miles Below has something for everyone.
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