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1986 - Book 1: Hunted in Time

Written by:
Jesper Ersgård
Narrated by:
John Chancer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
10 hours 23 minutes
February 28, 1986. A confused old man is found wearing a dressing gown and slippers in the snow on Östermalmstorg in Stockholm. He talks incoherently about being in the wrong body at the wrong time and then warns that Olof Palme will be murdered. A few hours later, Sweden's Prime Minister was shot dead on Sveavägen in Stockholm.

The police go up in full alert and the old man is interrogated. How could he know about the assassination plans? The man refuses to say anything until he has spoken to a certain Elias Werner.

In their desperate search for clues, the police contact Elias Werner. He has no idea who the old man is or why he wants to talk to him in particular. Stunned and amazed, Elias accompanies him to the police station. What he doesn't know is that this is the beginning of an incredible adventure. Against his will, he will be transported forward in time to the year 2017.

Elias from 1986 must do everything to get back to his own time. It becomes a brutal hunt for the past in an alien future. Elias realizes that nothing in his life is what it seems. Old secrets are drawn to the surface. Bit by bit, the shocking truth about himself is revealed.

1986 is a breathtakingly exciting thriller by Jesper Ersgård. Hunted in time is the first book in the 1986 trilogy.
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Good story / good twists and turns / sometimes repetitive but no too bad. I think it would make a great movie.

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Bj O.

It started out great but by the end there was so much repetition of “confusion” and these “im confused!! Who are you!??” Conversations were pedantic and pointless that at the end of the book I did not bother to get book 2. Im disappointed. I like long books but there was 2 hours worth of filler that was irritating by hour ten.

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Jeffrey M.

Good story. Sometimes too much repetitive worries.

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Really enjoyed.

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Sherry L.

As usual this narrator is brilliant. Loved the book. It’s a real adventure with constant twists and turns.

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Marcel L.

The basis of the story is quite interesting, but to my mind the development of the plot could have been somewhat better. Nevertheless I am somewhat inclined to also read/listen to the remaining two books in this series.

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H. Michael R.

Terrific plot, unconvincing main character, good narrator.

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Veronica C.

I didn’t want it!!!!

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Marcos M.

Book was great

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I liked this free one so much that I bought the next one in the series! I need to know what happens!

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Christine P.

YES! Such a great read! What an interesting premise! I chose this book from a handful of free VIP books! I am so happy I picked this book! From the beginning to the end I was engaged! I finished book 1 and paid the credit for book 2! What a cool storyline!

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Toby S.

Bit repetitive but interesting story well told by the narrator.

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Kimberly C.

Good series. Kept my interest.

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