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1986 - Book 3: At the End of Time

Written by:
Jesper Ersgård
Narrated by:
John Chancer
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
9 hours 42 minutes
1986 is a breathtakingly exciting thriller by Jesper Ersgård, who is also one of the authors behind the audiobook hit Black Star. At the End of Time is the final book in the 1986 trilogy.

Elias Werner has found out the horrible truth about himself and what he really is. He could not stop the murder of his parents in 1963, the mysterious Diana is always one step ahead. His only chance is to travel far into the future to solve the greatest mystery of them all – who is Diana and what are her plans for Elias?

But first he wants to help Maja, who is stuck in the 60s, get back to 1986. He has learned how to control the Velotri and makes a desperate attempt to time jump with both of them. But the jump goes horribly wrong. They do end up in the year 1986 again, but something terrible has happened to Maja...
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Julie C.

what a fantastic series. loved it! I'm telling everyone I know who likes science fiction to listen/read this series.

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Chris G.

Great conclusion to a great series

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