27 Truths About Their First Goodbye

Written by:
Mj Fields

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
5 hours 22 minutes
Once Upon a Time

I dreamed of growing up and being just like her. I dreamed of having an adoring husband, two kids, and a beautiful home where my family would come together and enjoy all of our happy ever afters. But fate had other plans.

My road wasn't easy, it was heartbreaking, and she was there, in the distance, silently supporting me. When all the angst, all the pain, worked its way out, she was there too, but not how she'd always promised, she was there from an unbridgeable distance.

With distance and broken promises, I began to build a wall. She would never be the mother she was, and I would not allow her to hinder the mother I am.

Life is nothing without love. Life is nothing without hope. Life is nothing without dreams. And life is not lived fully until you understand the finality of . . . goodbye.

Contains mature themes.
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