3,000 Years of Judaism in 30 Days: Understanding Jewish History, Beliefs, and Practices

Written by:
Howard Lupovitch
Narrated by:
Howard Lupovitch

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
12 hours 48 minutes
Judaism is not only a religious faith but also a set of beliefs, practices, symbols, and institutions. More than that, it's a civilization and culture of a people both diverse and united by a history of exile and perseverance.

Explore the storied history, texts, and traditions of one of the world's oldest living religions and civilizations. As an award-winning professor and an observant Jew, Howard Lupovitch brings a wealth of knowledge to his audio course on Judaism. With the balanced perspective of a scholar, he guides you through its rise, development, and diversification. Under his tutelage, you will also discover the fascinating differences and similarities between Judaism and other Abrahamic faiths.

Starting with a general introduction, you'll establish a contextual framework and learn essential vocabulary. Prof. Lupovitch then takes you on a journey through the history of Judaism in three sections:

1. Ancient Israel: Examine the Hebrew Bible, the concept of diaspora, and the origins of Jewish beliefs.
2. Judaism's Emergence as a Way of Life: Learn why Rabbinic Judaism became the religion's dominant form and established the pillars of Jewish customs.
3. Modern Challenges: Study different denominations and labels as well as debates on Jewish identity.

Whether your interests lie in history, interreligious understanding, or culture, this course will enlighten and entertain you.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide prepared by your professor and course producer.
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I found it very interesting and enjoyed the narrative style.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this title. I learned a great deal about Judaism. It's an interesting story. Loved the narrator/lecturer. Great voice inflections!

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Sam Denberg

An extremely informative overview of Jewish history. if you enjoyed this book then I recommend looking up various Jewish history podcasts for more detailed exposition.

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