Alex Cross's TRIAL

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2009
9 hours 0 minutes
The year is 1906, and America is segregated. Hatred and discrimination plague the streets, the classroom, and the courts. But in WashingtonD.C., Ben Corbett, a smart and courageous lawyer, makes it his mission to confront injustice at every turn. He represents those who nobody else dares defend, merely because of the color of their skin. When President Roosevelt, under whom Ben served in the Spanish-American war, asks Ben to investigate rumors of the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in his home town in Mississippi, he cannot refuse.

The details of Ben's harrowing story--and his experiences with a remarkable man named Abraham Cross--were passed from generation to generation, until they were finally recounted to Alex Cross by his grandmother, Nana Mama. From the first time hear heard the story, Alex was unable to forget the unimaginable events Ben witnessed in Eudora and pledged to tell it to the world. Alex Cross's Trial is unlike any story Patterson has ever told, but offers the astounding action and breakneck speed of any Alex Cross novel.
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This is a very important story to tell realizing the story itself may not be factual but is based on too many such events for too long in this country. Recommend it highly.

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Leesa Crowe

Surprised to say the least. It started a bit slow, though it was very interesting. I thought it to be more about historical events. As it turns out I truly was intregreing. The wrap up was up lifting. Thank you again James Patterson

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This was not a typical Alex Cross book. It's Alex Cross telling a story. Once I got over the disappointment, it's actually a very well told story that all should listen to.

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Excellent - a good history lesson about times gone by that are good to be in the past and no longer true> Another hit!

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Simply fantastic. I was getting tired of Patterson's work of late and this book has renewed my hope in his creativity and story telling ability.

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Encore! Fantastic! I found myself driving slower to and from destinations just so I could listen to as much of this book as possible. I found it to be a surreal story of our past. I hope Patteson finds more of Alex Cross's books in the very near future.

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Riveting. An eye opener. Detail of the story was engrossing. Made me weep.

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