American Drug Addict: a memoir

Written by:
Brett Douglas
Narrated by:
Ryan Turner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
9 hours 35 minutes
My name is Brett. I'm a college-educated man who was once a husband of twenty-six years with two children, three businesses, and a large home with an actual white picket fence. I'm also a drug addict. And I have a tale to tell.

My story has everything: sex, death, pain, atheism, God, jail, marriage, divorce, heresy, homosexuality, physics, traffic fatalities, computer science, video games, cinnamon toothpicks, Barry Manilow, Nine Inch Nails, pornography, breasts, used tampons, strippers, venereal disease, abortion, prostitutes, AIDS, racism, suicide, infidelity, public nudity, anti-Semitism, marijuana, alcohol, pawn shops, drug dealers, needles, acid, ecstasy, crack, heroin, pain pills, withdrawal, interventions, rehabs, product tampering, road rage, vandalism, elderly abuse, grave desecration, arson, identity theft, burglary, armed robbery, and murder.

But more importantly, it's about the despair of addiction and the absolute certainty that it can be overcome. Recovery is not simply abstinence, but a process of growing up. I spent my entire life
searching for the key to long-term sobriety.

I would like to share with you what I have learned.
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Philip T.

While this was a devastating account of the Perils of addiction the writing was poor. In an attempt to split the story into topical or specific stories the author only confused the narrative and timeline. Just as with AA or NA, hearing another's story of survival and redemption is helpful but as the author stated a few times, this seemed more of a therapeutic process for him rather than a message for any reader. Additonally, while I understand the need to be authentic you and true to past held racial cultural and stereotypical misgivings, the unnessecary bigoted references used seemed to be accompanied by justification rather than context.

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Kyle B.

such an amazing detailed life that went spiraling down like a tornado but everytime able to bounce back like a ball. great book into insight of addicts

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Gary G.

I found the first 20% of this book almost intolerably boring, but eventually realized that it was really necessary to understand this part of his life in order to appreciate what was to come. The story beyond that became more entertaining and eventually riveting. He sets the scene well and delivers the punch. Although it is not a literary masterpiece, the story carries the day, and having close friends and relations caught up in addiction, I can vouch for the authenticity of these scenarios. I appreciated these insights to help me understand what happened to this author and so many others devastated by addiction. As I read other reviews, I would have to say that if you are overly sensitive to political correctness, this book will be upsetting and triggering, but this is real life and the real world. I found the narrator to add significantly to the enjoyment of the book as he takes on various voices to help bring the characters to life.

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I do not recommend this book to those in recovery! It was very disturbing and very triggering.

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Kurt B.

I do not understand some of the negative reviews. The book literally goes how the abstract says it will go. A telling of his life story along with every screw up along the way.

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Not for me

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Tammy T.

I didn’t make it through the intro. The reader isn’t great. Would probably be a better read than listen.

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the Tucker Maxx of drug addicts. if this guy did half the stuff in this book, I'd be surprised..also, a complete douche. coming from another recovering addict.

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