The American Front

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
24 hours 16 minutes
Hugo Award winner Harry Turtledove is the master of alternate history. In American Front he envisions World War I as it may have been if fought on American soil. The United States and Germany clash with the Confederacy, France, and Britain as the machines of modern warfare litter the landscape with carnage. Meanwhile, oppressed southern blacks head toward a fateful confrontation.
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Nancy B.

American Front (The Great War #1) I love alternative history novels, and Harry Turtledove writes some of the best. American Front reminds me of the US during the Trump era. People ignore blatant racism. The winner of the war--or election--writes the history. Ignorance keeps people in their social group no matter hurtful it may be to themselves. The first time I read American Front, I would have never dreamed our country would have elected Donald Trump or gone through the Jan 2021 Uprising. However, when I look at my three bullet points, those were true when I first picked it up. I shouldn't have been surprised. On an aside, always be wary of people wanting to burn books. If you don't put a book on a list, it might die from obscurity. List a book, and you will only draw attention to it.

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