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American Serial Killers: The Epidemic Years 1950-2000

Written by:
Peter Vronsky
Narrated by:
René Ruiz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
16 hours 14 minutes
Fans of Mindhunter and true crime podcasts will devour these chilling stories of serial killers from the American 'Golden Age' (1950-2000).
With books like Serial Killers, Female Serial Killers and Sons of Cain, Peter Vronsky has established himself as the foremost expert on the history of serial killers.  In this first definitive history of the 'Golden Age' of American serial murder, when the number and body count of serial killers exploded, Vronsky tells the stories of the most unusual and prominent serial killings from the 1950s to the early twenty-first century. From Ted Bundy to the Golden State Killer, our fascination with these classic serial killers seems to grow by the day. American Serial Killers gives true crime junkies what they crave, with both perennial favorites (Ed Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer) and lesser-known cases (Melvin Rees, Harvey Glatman).
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Dianne Hush

I've read a lot of true crime and this one is full of unknown details. I absolutely loved it.

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Kara K.

big fan of Vronsky and was waiting for this. he treads old ground but always has new perspectives and is a riveting storyteller. this book feels like the final word on the golden age of serial killers unless, as he warns, the 2020 pandemic and internet porn has an effect on the young minds immersed in "wound" culture.

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