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Ancient Israel: An Enthralling Guide to Jewish Kingdoms and the Israelites

Ancient Israel: An Enthralling Guide to Jewish Kingdoms and the Israelites

Written by:
Billy Wellman
Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
3 hours 24 minutes
The ancient Israelites introduced one of the first monotheistic religions in the world. And it is still practiced today!

The ancient Israelites emerged from Mount Sinai onto the hilly plains of Canaan and established a civilization that endured for hundreds of years.

Even when the Israelites fell to incursions from foreign invaders and were subjected to torture and exile, they held fast to their belief system. They emerged from the Babylonian captivity as the people of Yehud. With the aid of Cyrus the Great and the Achaemenid Empire, they rebuilt their sacred temple and got back on their feet.

However, the Greeks and the Romans presented unique challenges to the Judeans. The Hellenization period threatened the foundation of Judaism and the commitment of the Jews to their faith due to forced conversions and the practice of Jewish customs being punishable by death. Regardless, the Jews persevered, and their faith and their steadfastness hold great significance today.

This audiobook offers a deep dive into the history of the ancient Israelites and how they rose from nomadic tribes to establish a kingdom and a unique identity in Judea.

By listening to this audiobook, you will discover the following: 

- How the ancient Israelites ended up in Canaan and began to build a civilization
- The establishment of the United Kingdom of Israel
- The split of the United Kingdom of Israel and the Babylonian invasion of the Kingdom of Judea
- The Achaemenid liberation of the Jews and the formation of Yehud Medinata
- The period and process of Hellenization commenced by the Greeks and the resulting Maccabean Revolt, which gave birth to the Hasmonean dynasty 
- The end of the Hasmoneans and the formation of the Herodian dynasty
- And so much more!

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