Animal Adventure Short Stories for Kids: Bedtime Sleeping Story Book for Children

Animal Adventure Short Stories for Kids: Bedtime Sleeping Story Book for Children

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Innofinitimo Media
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
1 hour 17 minutes
This audiobook contains five awesome animal adventure short stories. Let’s have a look at each of the stories.

Story 1: Cooper Goes Missing

This is a story of a happy and lively Labrador retriever and two 6-year-old children.

Bart and Amy adore Cooper and love playing Frisbee with him. One hot summer day, after they have had their lunch the three of them, Cooper, Bart and Amy, are in the front garden sitting on the lawn in the shade of a large Apple tree. Bart decides to play Frisbee with Cooper.

Bart takes the Frisbee and throws it for Cooper to catch. After Cooper returns with the Frisbee, Amy takes her turn to do the same. With Bart’s next turn, he decides to see how high Cooper can really jump when he chases the Frisbee. Bart throws it high up and towards the front brick fence. Cooper runs as always, keeping the Frisbee in his sight, and jumps...

He catches the Frisbee but, misjudging his steps, lands on top of the brick fence. He tries his best to jump back into the garden but loses his balance and lands on the sidewalk outside the fence.

The children run to the gate to open it for Cooper, but when they go outside... they find that Cooper has disappeared...!

Will they find Cooper before something dreadful happens to him? Will Cooper ever be safely home again?

You will find the answers to these questions when you get the complete Audio book and listen to what happens further.

Story 2: Rex Goes to Mars, a space sci-fi story

Story 3: Kwettny the Cat

Story 4: Wilburr the Lion Cub

Story 5: Petrri the little penguin

Those are the five awesome animal stories. I’m sure you’ll enjoy all five of them.

Listen to free sample and check if the stories are good for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy all five stories.

Don’t wait anymore. Get it now!
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