The Anti-Christ

Written by:
George W. Carey
Narrated by:
Larry Peterson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
0 hours 39 minutes
The Anti-Christ is a short collection of writings by Dr. George W. Carey. This compilation includes The Anti-Christ (1918), a brief essay by Dr. Carey, and selected chapters from God-Man: The Word Made Flesh (1920).
These selections explain how the common interpretation of the Scriptures is far afield from what was intended. They explore how the original meaning of the Biblical texts was deliberately skewed and obfuscated by the Roman Emperor Constantine and the council of Nicaea, convened in 325 AD.
Inside this volume, you will find:
The Anti-Christ (1918)
The Kingdom at Hand (from God-Man: The Word Made Flesh)
The Anti-Christ (from God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, a reprint of The Anti-Christ tract of 1918 with minor modifications)
What So Called Christians Say, and the Answer
Combined, these works explore the original truth as known by the earliest Christians-that the stories in the original Scriptures 'were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body 'fearfully and wonderfully made.'' According to Carey and Perry, the parables in the Bible were not records of historical fact. Instead, they were used to describe the human body as a microcosm of the universe. And Christ is not a Divine Man sent to save us, but rather exists within us all.
Drawing on the source language in Hebrew and Greek rather than the many translations and mistranslations, the authors show that the original intent of the words of the Biblical texts was to explore what is within us, rather than what is outside of us.
And how was this truth hidden from us? The Roman Emperor Constantine-the anti-Christ-convened the council of Nicaea to vote on the true meaning of the scriptures. And he pushed the council to make salvation a simple matter of belief as a means for quieting his own fears for his soul.
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