Anti Hero

Written by:
Skye Warren
Narrated by:
Connor Brown

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
4 hours 38 minutes
“Thrilling, suspenseful, sexy as hell. Skye Warren can simply do no wrong.” – Book Bellas


Nate Gaines used to think he was fighting for freedom. Then his team died in a fiery betrayal and he realized corruption went all the way to the top. He was no hero. Not anymore.


Not working for the highest bidder. A mercenary.


And the girl he loved? She was better off without him.


Until she became a target. He’d protect her. He would kill for her. He just couldn’t let himself fall for her again. That wouldn't be safe, for either of them.


WARNING: Contains an inked military man, a plucky reporter on a mission, and explosive chemistry!
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