The Anubis Gates

Written by:
Tim Powers
Narrated by:
Bronson Pinchot

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
15 hours 42 minutes
When Brendan Doyle is flown from America to London to give a lecture on Samuel Taylor Coleridge, little does he expect that he will soon be traveling through time and meeting the poet himself. But Brendan could do without being stranded penniless in the teeming, thieving London of 1810.

Only the dazzling imagination of Tim Powers could have assembled such an insane cast of characters: an ancient Egyptian sorcerer, a modern millionaire, a body-switching werewolf, a hideously deformed clown, a young woman disguised as a boy, a brainwashed Lord Byron, and our hero, Brendan Doyle. The Anubis Gates took the fantasy world by storm upon its initial publication, and now fans can savor this Philip K. Dick Award winner all over again.
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Price Hill

Fascinating details in the intriguing subject matter give the writing lushness and vividity. Tim Powers is said to research extensively in order to lay out historical facts and those details, and then we are maneuvered through them, intersecting in true-to-life and, at the same time, invented ways. The narrator's interpretation is a bit incongruous and seemingly in error at times (according to the prose), but he is masterful in his craft and has a deep well of speech from which to draw out this visionary novel. He is perhaps sometimes trying to temper the dialogue described as loud in delivery so as to create a less jarring and smooth listening experience.

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