The Art of Money-Getting, or, Golden Rules for Making Money

Narrated by:
Douglas Harvey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
1 hour 27 minutes
Learn The 20 Time Tested Business Rules To Attract More Money, More Prospects and More Customers To You From 'The Father Of Marketing' - PT Barnum
So read the copy for advertisements for The Art of Money Getting; or, Golden Rules for Making Money, a concise guide to the principles of sound business and financial management written by P. T. Barnum and published in 1880 as a 96-page paperback at the height of his worldwide popularity. The book consists of an introduction on the general subject followed by twenty concise chapters on Barnum’s rules of success, and is considered by many as the first and possibly the manual for effectively using advertising, promotion and public relations as essential tools of getting the message to the public as a critical factor in business development.
“This has all of the very same advice that today's personal finance books have, but you can see how it was implemented in the 19th century. It also contains some very interesting advice on guiding children in their education and choice of a career that I think is still valid today. If you like personal finance books, but are also curious to know history at street level, this will be a terrific book for you. And it will really change your opinion of Mr. Barnum himself.” Reviewer at
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