The Art of War: Classic Collector's Edition

The Art of War: Classic Collector's Edition

Written by:
Sun Tzu
Narrated by:
Brandon Poe
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
9 hours 57 minutes
A modern introduction, tracing the origins of The Art of War and its historical and cultural importance, firmly grounds the reader in the context with which the oldest book on military strategy has survived the ages, as well as contemporary examples of its continued use.

The first section of this collectible edition contains The Art of War in English, without notes or commentary. This allows the listener to understand the teachings of Sun Tzu, without the distraction of footnotes or excessive comments.

The second section contains the complete annotated translation by Lionel Giles, restored by Sian Kim, along with Giles' translation notes, definitive critical commentary, and supplemental information from a broad range of sources. Written during the Victorian era, Giles' 1910 'Introduction' has also been included, containing the legend of 'Sun Tzu and The Army of Concubines'.

Although written in the sixth century BC, the teachings of Sun Tzu are still found today in the martial arts, legal doctrine, military schools, management seminars and pervasively throughout popular culture.
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