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The Bakery at Clamshell Bay: A gorgeously uplifting and unforgettable story of love, friendship and secrets

Written by:
Sara Jane Bailey
Narrated by:
Liza Ross

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 38 minutes
Where the sea laps the coast at Clamshell Bay in the Pacific Northwest, four women meet in a baking class. They’re as different as salt, flour, yeast and water – yet when they combine, the results are as strong and unbreakable as the best friendships.

Cleo Duvall is a middle-aged baker who runs the Clamshell Bay Bakery and Cafe? in the pretty tourist town on the Washington State coast, and her cinnamon buns are Instagram-famous. The coffee shop is the heart of the village – neighbors gossip over coffee and pastries, and if you want to know anything about anyone, the cafe? is the place to ask.

As a way to share her love for the art and craft of baking, Cleo teaches a weekend class. Her students this time include Brooke Mattson, a former supermodel who dreams of being a mom but is struggling to have a baby; Libby Brown, a proud homemaker whose happy family isn’t as perfect as it seems; and Megan Alexander, the local painter who may be free-spirited – or a commitment-phobe.

Cleo survived her no-good husband running out on her three years ago with a young neighbor. She lived down the humiliation and is satisfied with a life so predictable she knows exactly how many loaves of French bread to bake on Thursdays. Then a man who looks strangely familiar strolls into her cafe? and upsets the balance of her carefully ordered world.

While the four women bond over bread dough, their lives begin to change, too. On the surface, Clamshell Bay is as calm as a sunny day in August, but anyone who’s lived by the ocean knows that one good storm can change everything. There are secrets buried in Clamshell Bay, and they are about to be exposed by a tide no one can stop.

Treat yourself to a cinnamon bun and lose yourself in the utterly charming world of Clamshell Bay – you won’t want to leave. Fans of Firefly Lane, Pamela Kelley and Nancy Thayer will adore the Clamshell Bay series.

Readers have fallen in love with The Bakery at Clamshell Bay:

Cozy and comfy as fresh-baked bread, Sara Jane Bailey's writing is scrumptious. New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde

A delightful story about life, love and friendship. It is beautifully written and the location is stunning. This is a fabulous read and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Amazon Reviewer, ?????

A beautiful story full of love and tenderness. The true beauty is in the author’s words concerning Cleo and Ethan. They are older middle-aged people, who have been hurt by life, but still search for the good in life. I beg the readers to read this book, simply to enjoy and appreciate the tenderness in this couple’s story. Amazon Reviewer, ?????

I loved this new group of friends, how they bonded over a weekend baking class. It’s that perfect mesh of women you rarely find, and I loved watching their friendship grow. It’s makes me want to take a baking class! It’s romance, it’s women’s fiction, it’s wonderful characters, and a charming town. I can’t wait for the next story Amazon Reviewer, ?????

Where has Sarah Jane been?! What a delightful new series. Characters are carefully drawn, and so real. I can hardly wait to read more about Cleo and her friends. I like the author’s voice and the heart-warming storytelling. Amazon Reviewer, ?????

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm impatiently waiting for the next one. I was blown away by the clever twist towards the end.” Amazon Reviewer, ?????

“Lovedthis book. Needed to relax for a while and Clamshell Bay the perfect place to go to. Looking forward to reading more.” Amazon Reviewer, ?????

“The story is heartwarming and the development of the friendship between these women is written so well… I am a huge fan of womens fiction and this debut novel is already a favorite. I cannot wait to read more about Clamshell Bay.” Amazon Reviewer, ?????
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