Before We Were Wicked

Written by:
Eric Jerome Dickey
Narrated by:
Dion Graham

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
9 hours 47 minutes
From New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey, “one of the most successful Black authors of the last quarter-century”* comes a novel about the how one chance meeting can change everything in this thrilling, sexy tale of star-crossed lust.

They say the love of money is the root of all evil, but for Ken Swift, it's the love of a woman.

Ken is twenty-one, hurting people for cash to try to pay his way through college, when he lays eyes on Jimi Lee, the woman who will change the course of his entire life. What's meant to be a one-night stand with the Harvard-bound beauty turns into an explosion of sexual chemistry that neither can quit. And when Jimi Lee becomes pregnant, their two very different worlds collide in ways they never could have anticipated.

Passion, infidelity, and raw emotion combine in Eric Jerome Dickey's poignant, erotic portrait of a relationship: the rise, the fall, and the scars⁠—and desire⁠—that never fade.

*The New York Times
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Latoya L.

Spoiler alert: DO NOT READ ALONE OR AWAY FROM YOUR SPOUSE. It makes the innocent want to dance with the devil. Not only a page turner but a Yoni juicier. The sex scenes are mind blowing. Had to read and reread them. Now on to the next one, hope it's as juicy as this one. There's more than sex, there's colorism, sexism, betrayals, and violence. Africans and African Americans bump heads which shows and tells a bunch about our society and how we view each other. I couldn't expect anything less from Eric Jerome Dickey. #book26of2019 #bookworm #whatsnext

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Ronald W.

This was the pre-quel to another book Bad men and Wicked Women. It tied up the loose ends. The detail of Africa and its cultures made me google a time or two. Dickey is great at exposing his readers and gives great detail.

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I love this narrator.

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Natosha D.

This was a high-energy, drama-filled book with lust and twists and turns at every corner! And the narrator was so good- he really made the book come alive! I was glad to see there was a second book to pick up where this one leaves off- definitely wanted to see how certain situations turned out!

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This was a great book! I have always enjoyed reading his stories, Dickey is very descriptive which makes me feel like I’m in the action. I also loved Dion’s voice...

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Tyrail T.

I thought that this was a great book! I’m not surprised, coming from Eric Jerome Dickey. I have been reading his stuff since my college days starting in 99. I was hooked!

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Roxie Y.

I LOVE Dickey’s books and the knowledge they impart. I loved the fact that the story of the pain of a father who is not allowed to be a part of his child’s life is revealed, and also the fact that there are dads who want their kids and want to nurture as well as provide. Enjoyed finding out his ex-wife’s story, which is also a true theme in lots of men’s lives. For me, EJD did it again!

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