Behind the Wheel - Italian 2

Written by:
Mark A. Frobose
Narrated by:
Mark A. Frobose

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2009
8 hours 42 minutes
Mangiamo! (Let's eat!) In Italy it's all about the food. Well, there's also shopping, (facciamo la spesa!), traveling (viaggiamo!), and of course, l'amore. Behind the Wheel Italian Level 2 lets you practice your foundational Italian with lessons and stories based around various scenarios, including eating out, shopping, and getting around town. This course first reviews basic concepts from Italian Level 1, then expands on these areas, focusing on medium-length sentence combinations, versatile vocabulary, and extensive sentence building instruction to improve conversational skill and listening comprehension. Italian Level 2 features both English and native Italian speaking instructors.

This program includes a companion book and audio transcript to enhance the learning experience.
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