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Being A Light To Oneself: Four Small Group Discussions Ojai USA 1972

Written by:
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Narrated by:
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
6 hours 12 minutes
Four Small Group Discussions, Ojai, USA, 1972

1. Conflict and choice - 29 March 1972

Duration: 95 minutes

• What do we mean by learning?

• Why is one frightened of the past?

• Knowing and looking at oneself.

• Can that mess which is me be washed away?

• How are you aware of conflict?

• Choice and clarity.

• Looking without any distortion.

2. A life without measurement - 30 March 1972

Duration: 87 minutes

• Human beings have tried everything to be harmonious.

• Can we live without concept, ideology and myth?

• Comparison and fear.

• Can you look at the fact without measurement?

• I see in relationship what I am.

• Any form of psychological measurement is the beginning of conflict.

• When you see the false, what takes place?

3. Direct perception - 31 March 1972

Duration: 92 minutes

• One has to be a light to oneself

• Mantra yoga.

• Physical sensitivity.

• In analysis there is division.

• The world accepts conflict as a way of life.

• The intelligence that comes out of direct perception.

• What does it mean to see directly?

• The danger of the image.

• Does seeing take time?

• Is a challenge needed in order to see?

4. Can thought bring about a change in our daily life? - 1 April 1972

Duration: 100 minutes

• Can thought bring about a change in our daily life?

• Q: Is this an authentic inquiry or is the conclusion already there?

• What is the function of thought?

• To see something totally thought must be quiet.

• Order and sleep.

• Thought and security.

• Q: Isn’t your teaching a system?

• Is there a depth that is measureless, from the beginning, not at the end?
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