The Billionaire

Written by:
Marni Mann
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
8 hours 43 minutes
I’ve always been a good girl. But the second I walk into the hotel bar, I see temptation. The man sitting there is delicious. Older. Experienced. Once our eyes meet, I know I’m not walking away unscathed. I’ve heard about men like Jenner Dalton—richer than God and hotter than sin. He’s got heartbreak written all over him. But it only takes fifteen minutes before we’re headed up to his room. I’ve never done anything like this before, but something tells me he’s worth it. Every swipe of his tongue feels electric, every kiss sets me on fire, and his experience has me begging for more. And more. And more. In one week, I’ll return to college in Miami. He’ll go back to being LA’s most eligible billionaire. The miles and years between us are just too many for this to mean anything. So, between now and then, I plan to spend every moment being anything but good...
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Dana M.

Joanna (Jo) is a good little college girl… until she meets billionaire lawyer, Jenner. One night in Vegas quickly turns into them spending the rest of their trips ‘hooking up’. They leave Vegas thinking that’s the end of it. But fate has other ideas.\r\n\r\nI cannot fully express how much I loved this audiobook! Marni Mann gives us a great storyline with interesting, fun, and relatable characters. Jo and Jenner’s chemistry is instant and off the charts hot. To say this is a steamy listen would be an understatement. The dirty talk and smeggsy scenes were explosive! Jenner’s dirty talk had me blushing at my desk. The things that man says and does…gahdayum! I know he’s fictional and this isn’t Hunger Games, but I volunteer as tribute.\r\n\r\nKelsey Navarro and Tim Paige…. At this point, do I really need to talk them up? Like, hello?!! It’s Kelsey and Tim! You either love their narration or you’re wrong. Kelsey and Tim narrating all the smeggsy in this story made those moments even more intense. I kept lowering the a/c in my office; I was sweating! I’m pretty sure my earbuds caught fire at one point. If you don’t buy this audiobook right now you are losing at life.

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Loved the book. Passionate and the feels were amazing.

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Bette H.

Outstanding Story & Narration! A Steamy Delight! This is a fabulous, age gap, second chance romance, the story is captivating from start to end and the chemistry between the characters is off the charts sizzling hot. Marni Mann is a gifted author with a wonderful writing style, her storylines are interesting and original and her characters are realistic, easy to relate to and connect with but the best is the complexity of those characters, the building of their relationship and getting them into a good place only to blow your mind with a twist you never saw coming. I adored both lead characters, Jenner and Joanna, the two meet while partying in Vegas and there is an instant connection and wind up spending most of their time together while there. Jenner, a successful business lawyer, is a player and self-proclaimed bachelor, a “love them and leave them” type of guy, he is not looking for any relationship but enjoys spending his time with Jo and just tells himself it will end when the vacation is over and Jo returns to college in Miami and he back to work in L.A. Except he keeps in touch with Jo and even convinces himself to see her again and Jo is all for it. She is ready to graduate and has applied for several jobs and was ecstatic to find out she landed her dream job, she and her friend move to L.A. to start their new careers.But can she have the man and the career? I loved how everything played out in this book, it is a brilliantly plotted story with perfect balance of drama, low angst, a surprising twist, heartfelt emotions, and a steamy romance. Marni Mann, thank you for another amazing and wonderfully entertaining story. ~ And for the amazing narration, Marni Mann could not have cast a better team to bring her characters and story to life, Kelsey Navarro and Tim Paige are mega talented narrators and versatile voice artists. They had a complete understanding of the characters they portrayed, gave each a voice that was a perfect fit to that character’s persona, sounding believable in every role they played and just as I pictured the characters to sound. Kelsey Navarro nailed it as Joanna, she grasped her every emotion and had you feeling single one. Tim Paige did the same for Jenner and was just as amazing in his role as Navarro was in hers. Both were great performing all the secondary roles too. These entertaining storytellers are a pleasure to listen to and their narration enhances an already outstanding story to another level. Thank you for another wonderful listen.

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