Release Date
June 2020
4 hours 20 minutes
In the year 2058, if you want someone to do the hands-on investigative work that requires a little finesse and sensitivity, not to mention the ability to shrug off a good beating in the process, then Zachary Nixon Johnson, the last freelance private eye on earth, is your man.

What starts out as a simple missing persons case for Zach quickly turns into a convoluted and desperate chase for the most unlikely weapon of unimaginable power ever conceived: The Bionic Bikini. With the mega-high-tech assistance of his personal holographic A.I. and snarky best friend/antagonist Harv and his spunky psionic niece Carol, Zach is lead on a convoluted trail of intrigue. Par for the course, Johnson is confronted at every turn by ruthless, power-hungry and, of course, gorgeous women, who all want to get their hands on this bikini. It's Zach's job to prevent that from happening by getting his own hands on the bikini.

And yes, he knows exactly how that sounds.
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