The Blueprint

Written by:
S.E. Harmon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
8 hours 25 minutes
Kelly Cannon is satisfied with his life. He has friends, a wonderful family, and a great job. But his love life has reached a new level of pitiful. Why? Well, his heart decided to break all the rules. Don't fall in love with a straight guy. And definitely don't fall in love with your best friend.

NFL standout Britton 'Blue' Montgomery has pressure coming at him from all sides. From his father, who's only interested in Blue's football career. From his coaches, who just want him to play without getting injured again. From the fans. From his agent. And from his mother, who has popped up on the radar after leaving his family years before. And now his relationship with Kelly is on shaky ground, and that frightens Blue more than anything.

When Kelly admits he's in love with Blue, bonds are tested, and Blue has to decide what's really important. He doesn't want to lose the number-one person in his life, but the cost to keep Kelly close might be more than he's willing to pay.

It's a good thing his nickname is the Blueprint-it's time to draft a new set of plans.
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Marsha H.

I really loved it.

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Enjoyable story and warm characters.

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I expected better with all the other reviews about it. The story is OK, but the doubts and so much uncertainty was just tiring to listen too. Uncertainty...that's pretty much the whole story, then when the characters decided to be ends. I would have liked to see the NFL reactions, fans, families, friends and the good and the bad of them going through it together.

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Lowen L.

Everything was smooth and sexy. One of the best I had read. Kudos to the narrator! One of the sexiest voice I heard.

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irritating voices, couldn't stand to listen,

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I like this book. It's just my type of book.

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Chris Madle

Such a sweet but hot best friends to lovers book. Definitely recommend.

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