The Book of Signs: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse

Written by:
David Jeremiah
Narrated by:
David Jeremiah

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
16 hours 13 minutes
From one of the world’s most beloved Bible teachers comes a timely, compelling, and comprehensive biblical interpretation of Bible prophecy, the end times, and the apocalypse viewed through the lens of current world events and social crisis.

Many Christians struggle to understand the Book of Revelation. “The end times.” “The apocalypse.” “The day of judgment.” These terms are both fascinating and frightening – but what do they really mean?

Drawing from decades of study, Dr. Jeremiah explains every key sign of the approaching apocalypse and what it means for you, including international, cultural, heavenly, tribulation, and end signs. With his engaging writing style and clear analysis of how current world events were foretold in the Bible, The Book of Signs is an encouraging guide to the Book of Revelation.

In The Book of Signs, Dr. David Jeremiah offers answers to questions including:

- What does the Bible tell us about the future?
- How much can we understand about biblical prophecy and its application in our lives?
- What signs and signals will precede the end of everything as we know it?
- Which of those signs and signals have already come to pass, which are we experiencing now, and which are still to come?

An epic and authoritative guide to biblical prophecy, The Book of Signs is a must-have resource for Christians seeking to navigate the uncertainties of the present and embrace God’s promises for the future with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

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Kathy M.

Very informative for this age and time. I really enjoyed this book.

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Liese P.

An absolute must read for everybody who is living in these times. Life changing

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Mike J

I ever expected this book could open my mind to what has happened, what is happening, and what’s to come. The author has a very good voice to keep you reading more.

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Carol M.

Thought provoking comparison of biblical prophecies and current events and trends.

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This explains very well what is happening today.

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Debbie W.

I already knew we were in end times because of the way the world is right now, but this book is both scarry and fascinating, I just Pray

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No No

Love David Jeremiah!!

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Barbara P.

Great insight

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Michelle D.

interesting and informative.

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