Breathe You

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
14 hours 0 minutes
When past and present collide . . . And second chances aren't promised.

Evangelina and Blake shared a fiery, heart-pounding, live-beneath-your-skin kind of love. Until her demons came to find her, ripping him from her life. Alone once again, Evangelina tries to pick up the pieces that remain. But one missing piece is irreplaceable.

Blake is struggling without his Angel, and every turn is a reminder of a love lost. When the burden becomes too much to handle, he decides to salvage what's left of him-to walk away. Hidden truths come to light. Secrets are revealed. And the battle of Evangelina's life is on. The fight for her freedom. For her light. For true love.

But when family is your nightmare, and the demons follow your sins, how do you climb back from the darkness? You find your strength. You discover your purpose. And most important . . . You remember to breathe.

Contains mature themes.
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Kelley Stidham

Loved this book. The only problem I have seen with it is there is not a 3rd book yet...

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Holly Marie

Wonderful and full of intense situations. This story kept me wanting more. I hope author Celeste Grande will have more in store for us! She is amazing at describing events as they happen and she makes the story very believable! Loved it so much I am going to listen to it again!

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Selena Grcic

Great story with great narrators. Worth listening to more than once..

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I am so glad there was this book. I was so sad at the end of the first one!! Loved it so much and I am so happy for Angel and Blake!!

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Tonya S.

Loved it !!

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Gege M.

Absolutely a great end to this love story. Great 2 book series!

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