Business Plans & Executive Summaries: Writing & Reading Them

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May 2007
0 hours 53 minutes
Business Plans & Executive Summaries: Writing & Reading Them If you're an entrepreneur, how do you write executive summaries and business plans to get the money from an investor? If you are an investor, how do you read executive summaries a business plans to know whether or not to invest?
Less is more in executive summaries and business plans. As the author points out, angel investors and venture capitalists routinely state they prefer reading one to two page executive summaries versus full blown plans. The executive summary can communicate deliver the core information to get a meeting and a conversation going. Most investors know that emerging businesses don't know enough to put forth a full blown business plan. In fact, the author says, he never sold an investor or VC based on a business plan. Often he had to create such a plan for their file. And, he points out, when going back and reviewing the accuracy of his companies' predictions, the executive summaries were far nearer the mark because the format permits more general statements with broader ranges of highs and lows. So the purpose in this audiobook is to focus your efforts on creating an outstanding 1 or 2 page executive summary, to be followed by a detail business plan for those investors that require one.
In only 60 minutes of conversation and instruction, learn the answer to this question from the author of The Entrepreneur's Guide, who helped bring American Power Conversion (Nasdaq: APCC) public in 1988, a company that recently sold for $6.1 Billion.
There are 7 sections that outline the basic subjects covered:
1. Introduction
2. Executive Summaries: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
3. Executive Summaries: The Key Elements
4. Exhibits are Helpful
5. Presentation
6. Business Plans
7. Summary
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