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Business Startup Audiobook: Launch Your Dream

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2013
1 hour 1 minute
Business Startup-Launch Your Dream is a savvy down to earth approach to launching and running a new business. The author is a serial entrepreneur with several companies going IPO or selling out to Fortune 500 companies. The core emphasis is on the basics: the difficulty of partners, the core 4 things a business must do and the entrepreneur must be focused on, the nitty gritty aspects of making companies work. The core work started when the author sold the Umbroller stroller company and found most books on startups focused on the wrong things, investors-professionals-fund raising, versus making the business work through sales, operations, fulfillment/delivery, and collections.Started out as The Entrepreneurs Guide published by Macmillan in hard cover and Ballantine in Mass Market paperback, evolved to a software title with videos, Business Startup, a handy product, and then this audiobook. A long time favorite of budding and successful entrepreneurs.
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Krystyna R.

Awesome listen! Straight to the point !

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