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Can One Live a life in which there is no Comparison at all: Four Public Talks Santa Monica USA 1971

Written by:
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Narrated by:
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2015
6 hours 19 minutes
1. Attention implies the total abandonment of the ‘me’ - 6 March 1971

Duration: 100 minutes

• Can the mind undergo a radical revolution?

• How do you observe the world?

• What solves our human problem is observing the whole process of ourselves

without judging, condemning, translating or rejecting – just to observe.

Question topics following the talk include: being disturbed in order to know,

being confused, transcendental meditation

2. Violence, pleasure and fear - 7 March 1971

Duration: 89 minutes

• We have accepted violence as a way of life and yet at the same time we want


• Can one live a life in which there is no comparison at all?

• Pleasure is the continuance of an experience that is never finished.

• We are living in the past.

• How can the conscious mind investigate the total hidden mind?

3. Is pleasure love? - 13 March 1971

Duration: 96 minutes

• Can thought ever solve the whole problem of existence?

• What is the function of thought?

• Why has sex become so extraordinarily important?

• Chastity is the freedom from all image.

• Is love desire?

• A new thing can take place only when there is an ending of the old.

Question topics following the talk include: getting better, controlling thought,

the process of invention, vegetarianism, images.

4. Meditation means a life that is totally different every minute of the day -

14 March 1971

Duration: 94 minutes

• A mind that inquires into this whole question of meditation must have

tremendous discipline.

• When you observe ‘what is’ without the interference of the past, there is

complete change of ‘what is’.

• Is there a way of seeing the whole content of consciousness without analysis?

• When you give complete attention there is no centre from which you attend.

• The word ‘innocence’ means a mind that is never hurt, scarred.

• Meditation is the sense of complete silence and quietness of the mind.

Question topics following the talk include: gurus, meditation, effort, escaping

from ‘what is’
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