Chinese Classic Tales Vol 1: Short Stories Audiobook for Kids

Chinese Classic Tales Vol 1: Short Stories Audiobook for Kids

Written by:
Innofinitimo Media
Narrated by:
Jim D Johnston
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
0 hours 23 minutes
This is the first volume of a series of three Chinese Classic Tales audiobooks. The audiobook series contains the following six titles:

- Bamboo and the Temple Turtle
- The Cave of the Beasts
- The Shapeshifter Panther
- Talking Fish
- The Golden Nugget
- The Silver Fox

In this volume, we are giving away the two popular Chinese classic tales, “Bamboo and the Temple Turtle” and “The Cave of the Beasts”. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this volume. Please listen to this brief sample of one of the stories to help you decide whether the audiobook is for you…

Listening to audio story books helps develop creativity and imagination in kids. It is better than indulge in TV or video games. This resource is suitable for the entire family, including kids of all ages, including teens.

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