Created for Purpose

Written by:
Guillermo Maldonado
Narrated by:
Jim Denison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
5 hours 11 minutes
You are no accident. Your presence on this earth is not a mistake. Neither is it insignificant. On the contrary, you are wanted here-and needed!

You are a creation of God with a unique purpose. Many people 'do' things to try to gain acceptance by others, so that they can 'be' someone. They become slaves to public opinion and never really know who they were meant to be.

When we know that we are God's beloved children, chosen from the foundation of the world, and discover who He designed us to be, we will think and act from that perspective. Everything else will develop from our identity and existence in Him. That identity goes beyond even our personal purpose to God's eternal plans for the world and our exciting role in them.

In Created for Purpose, you will discover God's plan for your life as a loved and valuable member of His creation, what it means to be called by God, and how to know and live in your purpose throughout your life.

You are not an accident. You are present on this earth for a significant reason. Find out who you were meant to be!
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