The Crowded Grave

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2012
10 hours 14 minutes
Another delectable serving of mystery and the pleasures of the Dordogne from the newest master of suspense, Martin Walker. It' s spring in the idyllic village of St. Denis, and for Chief of Police Bruno CourrEges that means lamb stews, bottles of his beloved Pomerol, morning walks with his hound, Gigi-- and a new string of regional crimes and international capers. When a local archaeological team looking for Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal remains turns up a corpse with a watch on its wrist and a bullet in its head, it' s up to Bruno to solve the case. But the task will not be easy, not with a meddlesome new magistrate eager to make a strong impression, an ongoing series of attacks by animal rights activists on local foie gras producers, and a nearby summit between France and Spain approaching-- not to mention two beautiful, brilliant women vying for Bruno' s affections. Complicating events even further, the professor in charge of the dig is soon reported missing, leading Bruno to suspect that the past and the present are bound up in dangerous ways. As summer approaches, the wine growing cooler and the fruit sweeter, Bruno's investigations take him indelibly deeper into contemporary Europe' s dark history of terrorist and counterterrorist tactics-- and toward a dramatic finale. As savory as foie gras, as piquant as vin de noix, and as richly complex as the region' s truffles, The Crowded Grave is a feast for mystery lovers and Francophiles alike.
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Carol B.

I am growing to love Bruno and his life and adventures in France. And the FOOD! How I love those interludes of cooking. The Narrator is great too!

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Kenneth D.

Another fun and interesting Bruno book to listen to while walking during Covid. We enjoy the “Bruno” series as we have traveled in the Dordogne region and Bordeaux so we are familiar with the small towns and cities mentioned. As usual, there are many twists and turns with a very surprising ending. The narrator is very good and he does a great job with the French pronunciations,

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Donald M.

I was disappointed in several areas of this story I’m big fan of Martin Walker but this was very confusing during the story and unfortunately instead of the nice Neat wrap up that usually comes with a Bruno noble this one had a real tangled ending and lots of things that we’re not really tied up so it is a Bruno story but it’s not my favorite

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