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Crucial Conversations Audiobook: Recognition, Prioritization, Implementation

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2012
0 hours 58 minutes
Crucial Conversations: Recognition, Priorities & Implementation Audiobook focuses on these 3 issues, recognition being the major one. Crucial conversations inevitably happen at inconvenient times; your
challenge is to respond appropriately. This audiobook encourages you to have your antennae up with family, friends, spouses, peers, colleagues & others. We all have opportunities; the question is did we recognize them? This helps you to do that.The right potential spouse becomes available but your are deeply involved with another person. Similarly, you have a great career opportunity just when a bit more time in your current job would pay off handsomely. You have a chance to make a great investment when you have little cash. And so on and so on. This audiobook helps you analyze just these opportunities.
Prioritization is part of the process. Figuring out which matter the most so you can focus on them and not spread yourself around. And finally implementation helps you get it done.Unlike many authors, this author believe recognition is the key--if you recognize opportunity the rest is easier to do; if not, it doesn't matter a whole lot because you will be going down unproductive paths, though possibly at great speed.
Relisten when you think a big opportunity came your way. Then figure out what to do.
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Whit Jensen

Quick listen. Nothing new here though. Good narrator

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Sara B

Easy to follow along!

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