The Crushing Depths

Written by:
Dani Pettrey
Narrated by:
Stina Nielsen

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
10 hours 50 minutes
They know the power and peril of the ocean. But as they get closer to the deadly truth … An even greater danger lurks just beneath the surface.
When an accident claims the life of an oil-rig worker, Coast Guard Investigators Rissi Dawson and Mason Rogers
are flown to the scene thirty-eight miles from shore. Tensions aboard the rig are high, and the death has everyone on
edge. Environmental activists just off the rig’s starboard side are threatening to do whatever it takes to stop the “plague
on the environment” from continuing its work. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating on board about an ancient curse
lurking in the depths below.
Mounting evidence shows the death might not have been an accident. Was the man killed by one of the activists
or, more frighteningly, a member of his own crew? Rissi and Mason have to sort through not only numerous suspects,
but also their own haunted pasts and their attraction to each other.
Just as the case seems about to break open, worse news arrives: a tropical storm has turned their way. Now they’re
cut off from any rescue—right where the killer wants them.
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