Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

Written by:
Stephen King
Narrated by:
Frank Muller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
27 hours 32 minutes
The fourth volume in the brilliant Dark Tower Series is “splendidly tense…rip-roaring” (Publishers Weekly)—a #1 national bestseller about an epic quest to save the universe.

In Wizard and Glass, Stephen King is “at his most ebullient…sweeping readers up in…swells of passion” (Publishers Weekly) as Roland the Gunslinger, Eddie, Susannah, and Jake survive Blaine the Mono’s final crash, only to find themselves stranded in an alternate version of Topeka, Kansas, that has been ravaged by the superflu virus. While following the deserted I-70 toward a distant glass palace, Roland recounts his tragic story about a seaside town called Hambry, where he fell in love with a girl named Susan Delgado, and where he and his old tet-mates Alain and Cuthbert battled the forces of John Farson, the harrier who—with a little help from a seeing sphere called Maerlyn’s Grapefruit—ignited Mid-World’s final war.

Filled with “blazing action” (Booklist), the fourth installment in the Dark Tower Series “whets the appetite for more” (Bangor Daily News). Wizard and Glass is a thrilling read from “the reigning King of American popular literature” (Los Angeles Daily News).
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Gerard D

What can I say... As with the previous books, Frank Muller is really the key to the success of these Audios, he will be sorely missed. The story is enthralling, and keeps the listen captivated as Roland delves into his past. Although slower than the previous books, it's an important key to unlocking the mystery of the Gunslinger

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Herb O

I read the entire series beginning over 20 years ago and have now begun listening to the audiobooks. Wizard and Glass is definitely one of the top three in the series. It is a great epic tale narrated by an amazing artist.

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Brendon P

This is hands down the best audiobook I have ever listened to. Frank Muller is an absolute genius!

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Mya C.

I loved it

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Gary Baldwin

this series just keeps getting better and it seems like the creativity of Stephen King has no ends. five stars

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Wow. I wish all audiobook could be read this way.

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it was a good read by getting to know roland a lot better

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Aaron S.

This is when the universe takes shape

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Best book in the series IMO. Frank Muller does an incredible job of narrating one of King’s best stories.

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Alexandra Frischhut

The narrator is a genius! The book was quite an adventure. I was really reluctant to listen on after the first book but the books got more and more interesting. Glad I listened on!

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Susan W.

I certainly will miss Frank Muller’s awesone narration for the rest of my journey to the Dark Tower. I do believe Sai King will do it justice though!

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Katrena H.

As with many King books, this one tends to blather on. However, the last 1/4 of the book is fast paced and adventurous. Many don't care for this book because it delves into Roland's history and his friendships with Cuthbert Allgood, Alain Johns and Susan Delgado. The characters are wonderfully written and you begin to understand Roland, and hate him in some ways. Well worth the read.

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long, irrelevent story about Roland's youth - who cares! get on with the main story

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Victor W

The Dark Tower by Stephen King is an absolutely phenomenal book series. I wasn't sure if it would be a good read for me so I took a chance and I am very glad I did. Stephen King's prowess as an author and imaginative writer is second to none. I was dismayed when the movie came out at the theater because I really wanted to see it but I was only into the third book so I decided to finish the series before seeing the movie. I guess I'll have to search for it when it comes out on Netflix or similar outlet. One of the best narrators is Frank Muller who narrates the 4th book of this series, "Wizard and Glass". I highly recommend "The Dark Tower".

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Nick B

I have read all of the Dark Tower books and it’s hard to say which is best this one or Wasteland. Either way it’s a phenomenal story of Roland as a young boy, but there are plenty of good characters to take the place of Jake, Eddie, and Suzanna. Frank Muller is great like he always is.

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Bruce E

Excellent narration. This one is my favorite in the serious so far. It is like a whole new story inside a story. You really connect with the characters

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Liz L

Not the best so far. Felt it long in places. Narration was superb as always

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Corey R

Great book, can't wait to listen to the next one, narrator is excellent

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Michael H

An amazing book (my favorite in this series) and the narrator brings it to life with his expert voices and accents!

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Benjamin K

Great Book! Stephen Kings best series ever! Frank Muller's narration makes you feel as though you're there watching it take place.

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Ernie P

Loved his interpretations of each character. My favorite was probably Jonas's. That raunchy, low drawn-out, wild western draw was perfect.

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John Kauffroth

Narrator is awesome - makes the characters come alive

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Craig Temczuk

This is as good or better than the first three. All of the books in this series are different but the same. It's hard to say that one is better than the other. I would recommend to anyone to read the series from the first through the seventh. I'm sure enjoying them.

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Lisa Rickman

Love live love Stephen King and now that I don't have time to read, I can listen while driving and working.

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