The day my vagina broke - what they don't tell you about childbirth

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
5 hours 40 minutes
The Day My Vagina Broke' follows one woman's journey to becoming a mumma and how she had no idea childbirth could break your vagina… and you. Once you're pregnant the rest is easy right? No. Knowing parenting wouldn't be easy, Stephanie Thompson never thought too much about how the baby would actually arrive, and how that was, in fact, the hardest part of the journey so far. Many women feel foolish for not knowing what they didn't know; they found out the hard way. 'The Day My Vagina Broke' is about breaking the silence on the secret women's code around childbirth and empowering mums-to-be at their most vulnerable time. After going through her own tough childbirth experience, Stephanie wants other mothers to be informed about all birthing methods and be empowered to decide which method is best for their individual needs, not what they hear or read as being the ‘best'. This book builds a sisterhood of support by taking away the pressure and judgement so many women place on themselves and others. While this is a tough subject, ‘The Day My Vagina Broke’ also provides hope for those who have been through a difficult birth and shows that you can still enjoy that wonderful moment you meet your baby for the first time.
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