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Dead Until Dark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2007
9 hours 29 minutes
Anthony Award winner Charlaine Harris' New York Times and USA Today best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels entice countless fans with an irresistible mixture of vampire romance, beguiling mystery, and old-fashioned Southern charm. Vampires have officially 'come out of the coffin,' and Miss Sookie can't wait for one to come her way.
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Jen Chandler

I love, love, love all of the Sookie books! I was absolutely hooked from book 1. I wish it never ended. Also, listening to Johanna Parker is like hearing the story directly from Sookie, herself.

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Very intriguing.! Definitely look forward to the other books in the series. Narrator was excellent in voice expressions. She made it difficult to stop listening.

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seth ray

loved this book. I could listen to a million times over

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Hope Holbrook

I’ve read many books or listen to them on tape this particular book I could not put down any chance I got I wanted to listen to more. It was a great riding in the narrator was great.

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Description Label

This felt slightly racist and homophobic

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Jeff H.

Was this written by nine year olds at a slumber party?

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fun listen and good narration.

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Great book and totally different from shoe

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Scott R.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I knew about it when I was younger but I never had the chance to read it. I am really glad I did though, a good supernatural story that's for sure. The narrator did a good job as well.

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Christin T.

Narrator is good and I love the different voices for different characters. This is an easy listen that isn’t hard to follow or think about. The characters are so endearing. I watched the True Blood show and this is like another story/life for some of my favorite characters.

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Jorge L.

pretty good. fun series. main character is kinda dense though. she lost me pretty early in the series...

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Wesley B.

Great story. Loved the narration by Sookie Stackhouse and the bizarre collection of weird and supernatural characters around her. The narrator read excellently giving life to each person presented. I was surprised at the ending for its abruptness but each scene was fun and engrossing nonetheless. Highly recommended to murder mystery buffs with a supernatural or horror proclivity.

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Tammy Berrie

So really, this book is an enjoyable diversion from reality. I like light mysteries with a bit of a supernatural twist and sometimes I just want something enjoyable that I don't have to think too heavily about. Sookie herself is a quirky little character and the narrator does a great job of bringing her to life.

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love love love these books!! I've been a big fan of the true blood series now man I realize I've been missing the best things ever

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Jody R.

I just love this book series

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Jenny B

I struggled to keep going in beginning of book, it got better towards the middle, but I ended up stopping with zero desire finishing, even with only a few chapters left. Nothing made you feel good reading it, the only excitement was based on conflicts that never felt like it ended, was solved, or made you excited to keep reading on.

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craig specht

This is a good book, good plot. The narrator did a good job. Made me feel like I was there.

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Michael A.

what a amazing treat so very entertaining

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Shaniece P.

An amazing story and the narrator made it all the better.

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Richard M.

this book is Sassy sexy and very gripping the this book is total art if you are a true vampire lover then you need to get this book and many others in the series trust me I know vampire books and this is up there right with Anne Rice I dare say it's better so if you want a good listen and get this book I give it five out of five stars and no it doesn't bite or suck but it packs a wallop

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Amy Stott

Lovely read perfectly. I enjoyed ever minute of this book!

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Katherine Nichols

love true blood, love the characters, love the world, love the whole thing.

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Sarah Kolks

Amazing!!! I really enjoyed this audio-book, it kept me engaged and finding reasons to go for a run or ride in the car.

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Christina Palacio

loved this book. I thought that this book was a wonderful read, especially if you love True Blood!

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Jasmine Mathis

The narration was made this great book even more enjoyable.

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