The Defenders

Written by:
Philip K. Dick
Narrated by:
Phil Chenevert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
0 hours 59 minutes
The terrible destruction of total nuclear war between the Western and Eastern Blocks has succeeded in sterilizing the surface of the earth.

No living creature can now exist there and all humans on both sides, have fled to the hives built miles below the surface where they constantly work to produce the war materials necessary to carry on the battle. For 8 years now, the actual fighting between these super powers has been conducted by robots known as Ledeys since only they can sustain the terrible levels of radiation caused by the constant bombardment.

They are the Defenders, standing between the combatants far below and ultimate victory or defeat. Life is hard in the tunnels, but liveable, while it is lethal on the surface. The ledeys keep the generals informed on everything through vids and pictures; but how can this continue? what will happen? Who will win? (Summary by Phil Chenevert)
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Daniel K

Well read and well written. A must-read.

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David J.

excellent tale,mankind in his true essence, a great listen and highly recommended. Dick is a master at this kind of narrative, looking forward to listening to more of his work. really enjoyable.

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Old type science fiction, it is refreshing in that it doesn’t have the modern political correctness so prevalent in today’s works. It however a predictable story. Narrator was good

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lucy gutierrez

not a very good book but keep trying never give up

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James R

Other than the television show of Electric Dreams, this was my first “reading” of Philip Dick. An excellent mixture of good old fashioned sci fi and timeless insights. Fun to follow plot and developing characters keep one’s visualization engaged. Nicely done.

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