The Delafield Affair V2

Written by:
Florence Finch Kelly
Narrated by:
Bill Boerst

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 1905
7 hours 37 minutes
Listen to The Delafield Affair V2 with a movie-style soundtrack and amplify your audiobook experience.

New Mexico's hot, dry winds are taking their toll: cattle suffer long treks to get food and water. But it is not just a hard time for them. Lucy Bancroft has sought a milder climate so she can recover from typhoid fever. She and her father stop to see Curt Conrad, a rancher, on their way to their new home. The two men discuss politics (some of it crooked) at the state level. they also talk about an easterner, a man named Delafield, who years earlier cheated Conrad's father out of his considerable wealth. Curt has vowed to seek revenge on Delafield if he can ever find the crook. thus begins a harrowing tale of determined search and blossoming love in the hot, dry climate of New Mexico.
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