Desperate Measures: An EMP Survival Story

Written by:
John Winchester
Narrated by:
Travis Baldree

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
4 hours 57 minutes
After the EMP brought America to its knees, Jack Miller and his family barely escaped Baltimore with their lives. Wyatt and the Millers made the trip to his West Virginia homestead, but without supplies they are unprepared to face the difficult winter. Jack is forced to go far from his home in search of food. He stumbles on a cache of food large enough to feed his family for months but encounters another group who claims the resource for their own, setting in motion a conflict that will spiral of control.

Contains mature themes.
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It was good. Great story. Can’t complain. Narrator was good also

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Brian D.

Decent read. All of the female voices sound like the Church Lady. Kind of formulaic but a passable read to listen to while I'm working.

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Gary W.

I’m pretty easy to plz. Liked his 1st. This 1, well, think Mexican Soap Opera + Old Batman questions “Will I survive? Will he come back & kill my family? Can I run fast enough? Can I endure another 5 min of this ceaseless clichè after clichè? Can I guess what Jack will do/say next?” It. Really. Got. Old. Rawles. A. American. Forester. Read them all. But this 1 book almost made me quit listening to it. Painful.

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