The Dinner List: A Novel

Written by:
Rebecca Serle
Narrated by:
Rebecca Serle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
5 hours 50 minutes
'With delicate intimacy, author Rebecca Serle narrates a story that involves a surrealist dinner party and reflections on a decade of love and heartache...magic and emotive undertones make this audiobook bewitching.' — AudioFile Magazine

This program is read by the author.

“We’ve been waiting for an hour.” That’s what Audrey says. She states it with a little bit of an edge, her words just bordering on cursive. That’s the thing I think first. Not: Audrey Hepburn is at my birthday dinner, but Audrey Hepburn is annoyed.”

At one point or another, we’ve all been asked to name five people, living or dead, with whom we’d like to have dinner. Why do we choose the people we do? And what if that dinner was to actually happen? These are the questions Rebecca Serle contends with in her utterly captivating audiobook, The Dinner List.

When Sabrina arrives at her thirtieth birthday dinner she finds at the table not just her best friend, but also three significant people from her past, and well, Audrey Hepburn. As the appetizers are served, wine poured, and dinner table conversation begins, it becomes clear that there’s a reason these six people have been gathered together.

Delicious but never indulgent, sweet with just the right amount of bitter, The Dinner List is a romance for our times. Bon appetit.

Praise for The Dinner List:

“It’s Serle’s unflinching investigation into the triumph and failings of love that makes this book one of a kind. A touch magic, a touch tragic, and absolutely compelling from beginning to end.” — Stephanie Danler, New York Times bestselling author of Sweetbitter
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Giselle B.

The book was entertaining but, I can’t believe that the narrator would put such little passion in narrating her own book. Several times I was ready to stop and forget about the book as she was slurring the words like they didn’t matter and became so monotonous that it gave the-listener the impression she was bored with her own book. A minus 1 to the reader.

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Ashley S.

Good lord the narration was abysmal. Add to that the lackluster story and you get a truly awful book. The relationships were completely insane. The "friends" didn't seem like good friends at all, the entire relationship started with frankly disturbing stalking, and the main character sabotages everything that happens to her and can't seem to realize it is her own doing. Hard to be sympathetic to that. Add to that the cliche Audrey Hepburn at a dinner party PLUS a weird teacher who didn't really even like you, and you had ONE class with, in which you did not do well? Terrible. Pass on this.

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Susie J.

The Dinner List was so hard to get through. It may have been a lovely story but I could not get past the unenthusiastic narration. I know that this was the author doing the narration and maybe she should have had someone else do the reading. I finally quite listening during the second chapter, I just couldn't go on. It was a waste of money. I'm giving the book 2 stars because I think it would have been better with a different reader.

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Gina M.

Sweet tale, weaving back and forth through the love story of a young woman during a fantasy birthday dinner with 5 people of her choice. Unfortunately, the narration was painfully bad. The author should stick to writing and leave the narrating to a professional.

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