Dirty Blood: Books 1-3

Dirty Blood: Books 1-3

Written by:
Penelope Barsetti
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2024
24 hours 50 minutes
This audiobook box set includes the first three books of the Dirty Blood series, a enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy romance.

Book 1, Bite the Woman that Feeds:
Kingsnake only wanted my blood—but now, he wants all of me.
Human and vampire go from enemies to lovers and unlikely allies in this first installment of a dark-fantasy-romance series featuring plenty of spice.

Book 2, Bite the Terror that Feeds:
He gave me his word—and he broke it.
In this dark fantasy romance, the second in the Dirty Blood series, Larisa finds herself torn between her pride and her jealousy in the wake of Kingsnake's betrayal.

Book 3, Bite the Power that Feeds:
Ellasara came at me with a blade—and she defeated me.
After Kingsnake makes me a nightwalker, it's hard to be in the same room with him. But I have to work with him if we're going to form an alliance with The Ethereal. 
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