Do No Harm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
9 hours 4 minutes
Do No Harm is the latest mystery in the Nathan Heller series by New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins.

It’s 1954 and Heller takes on the Sam Sheppard case—a young doctor is startled from sleep and discovers his wife
brutally murdered. He claims that a mysterious intruder killed his wife. But all the evidence points to a disturbed
husband who has grown tired of married life and yearned to be free at all costs. Sheppard is swiftly convicted and sent
to rot in prison.

Just how firm was the evidence … and was it tampered with to fit a convenient narrative to settle scores and
push political agendas? Nathan’s old friend Elliot Ness calls in a favor and as Nathan digs into the case he becomes
convinced of Sheppard’s innocence. But Nate can’t prove it and has to let the case drop.

The road to justice is sometimes a long one. Heller’s given another chance years later and this time he’s determined
to free the man … even if it brings his own death a bit closer.
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