Doctor Who: The Web Planet: 1st Doctor TV soundtrack

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
2 hours 37 minutes
This narrated TV soundtrack stars William Hartnell as the Doctor in one of his most weird and wonderful adventures.

'We seem to be caught! Trapped, somehow...'

In this vintage six-part serial, first shown on BBC TV in February and March 1965, a strange magnetic force pulls the TARDIS down to the craterous surface of Vortis. The Doctor and his friends learn that the planet has been invaded, and the parasitic Animus is slowly enveloping it in a web-like domain. The giant ant-like Zarbi are under its control, whilst the butterfly-like Menoptra are battling to reclaim their planet.

Narrated by Maureen O'Brien, this full-cast soundtrack evokes a classic Doctor Who adventure in all its aural magnificence. The alien ambience of Vortis, the insistent chirruping of the Zarbi, and the supernatural voice of the Animus are all accompanied by the eerie sonics of Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire's theme tune.

Written by Bill Strutton, this was the Doctor's most exotic and lavish adventure yet.

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes
(P) 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd
© 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd
Cover art by Oink Creative
Narrated soundtrack produced by David Darlington
Project editor: Michael Stevens
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