Don’t Trust Me

Written by:
Joss Stirling
Narrated by:
Olivia Mace , Beth Eyre , Simon Bubb

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
11 hours 29 minutes
Does Jessica know what the truth is?

A stunning psychological debut with a shocking twist

When she arrives at work to discover every trace of the company she was working for has disappeared, Jessica’s life spirals into freefall.

Her romance with Michael, a celebrated criminologist is already in trouble. He is sick of her unpredictable behaviour and is convinced she is a fantasist. When his flat is burgled and precious belongings that remind him of his dead wife are stolen, he blames her.

Forced to prove her innocence, Jessica sets out to unravel the events of the last few months. But when she stumbles on a dead body, the lies, deceptions and betrayals that have dogged her whole life come back to haunt her.

Can anybody trust her?
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