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The Dr. Colbert's Hormone Health Zone: Lose Weight, Restore Energy, Feel 25 Again!

Written by:
Don Colbert Md , Tom Parks
Narrated by:
Tom Parks

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
7 hours 39 minutes
NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF DR. COLBERT'S KETO ZONE DIET, THE SEVEN PILLARS OF HEALTH, AND DR. COLBERT'S 'I CAN DO THIS' DIET WHAT IF YOU COULD REGAIN YOUR YOUTH? After more than thirty years of study Don Colbert, MD, has finally solved the hormone puzzle. Now the answers you need are available, and with the latest groundbreaking information Dr. Colbert provides in this book, you no longer have to settle for simply balancing your hormones; you can OPTIMIZE them to return to the healthy, fit, and vibrant life you enjoyed in your twenties. It sounds too good to be true-but it's not! Hormones play a vital role in each of our lives, and the benefits of optimizing your hormone levels can include: ·Increased energy, strength, ability to lose fat, and libido ·Better moods, memory, and mental clarity ·Improved relationships ·Feeling younger, healthier, and happierIn The Hormone Zone, Dr. Colbert dispels the myths about bioidentical hormones, sheds light on common hormone disruptors you need to avoid, and tells you what your doctor may not know about the proper tests, optimum hormone levels, and action steps you need to take to achieve your desired results. For years hormone imbalances have gone undiagnosed, but not anymore. Arm yourself with the latest information from a trusted source. A balanced, happy, healthy life is the goal, and getting in the zone-the hormone zone-is the way to achieve it.
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