Dungeon Born

Written by:
Dakota Krout
Narrated by:
Vikas Adam

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2017
12 hours 33 minutes
A powerful dungeon. A sheep-herder turned Noble. Their path to ascendance through cultivation.

Conquering dungeons and using them to grow has long been the most efficient way to become a powerful adventurer. The only thing keeping the process from being easy is the Beasts that inhabit these places. Questions plague those entering this particular place of power: Where do the 'rewards' of weapons, armor, and heavy gold coins come from? Why is a fluffy bunny charging at me? For abyss-sake, why are there so many monsters?

Cal has all of the answers to these age-old questions for a very simple reason. He is a Dungeon Core, a soul forced against his will into a magical stone. With the help of an energetic friend, Cal grows a dungeon around himself to bring in new sources of power.

When a threat he doesn't fully comprehend bares its many teeth, Cal is determined to survive the attempt on his life. Unfortunately for adventurers, the only way for him to achieve his goal is to eat anyone that enters his depths.
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Justin S.

omg so good

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Juvenile and irritating

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over the top voice acting makes it too irritating to listen to... didn't get past 2 minutes.

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Luke H.

This lighthearted book was a interesting look on how a dungeon is created and had me chuckling all throughout the book. A slow start to get going but the narrator manages to keep it entertaining throughout the whole experience.

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Dave U.

Terrible like listening to commentary of someone playing a video game.

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I absolutely loved this book and the concept of this world. The characters are endearing and the interactions absolutely hilarious. Cal’s curiosity and Dale’s inexperience and determination make an excellent reading experience. It’s nice to see a world where the protagonist(s) aren’t immediately exceptional at everything and they have to learn just as the reader does.

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Excellent variation on a common, yet new, genre. Recommended.

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Slow start but liked how it ended

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Mike B.

Really well written love the perspective change I just wish the series was longer!!

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Shane O.

Amazingly good. Quite niche but well written and if you like fantasy it'll scratch the itch

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The Rudy Files

I literally tried for an hour. I then thought 'What am I actually listening to?' Such a strange story but not interesting.

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Robert S.

Amazingly imaginative book with an extremely skilled narrator that makes the book seem more like an audio play. The VERY beginning comes off as somewhat corny but it soon levels out. Overall, I'm as excited as I can be to read the next book in the series.

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Jude W.

loved the idea. characters feel like Mary Sue's tho. make it harder for progression to be made. the struggle is the journey anyways worth a read!

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Micah E.

enjoyed the new point of view of dungeons fantastic

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Dustin K.

good book own the whole series

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Drew M.

Vikas Adam is an amazing narrator! I always enjoy his use of voices and tones. I am also addicted to Dakota's books and his publishing house. I just can't get enough!! I would highly recommend the whole series and his other series too.

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Sara S.

Very slow to begin with, nearly gave up. Got going at the end. Maybe the next book will hit the ground running.

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Derril Webber

Story was interesting and enjoyable, even though it was pulled from many existing sources (Minecraft just to name one). But there are some original ideas which I enjoyed. The narrator is good, though he should tone back on some of his voices.

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Mikey V.

The narrator kept me engaged and the book was enjoyable.

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Andrea Marello

This book is not what I thought it was. Too abstract of a story, wish I didn't select in in the club.

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Max J.

very inventive story, humorous and thoroughly entertaining. cant wait to hear the rest of the series. The narrator did a great job with voices and personalities. definitely recommend this.

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I enjoyed this book!! I saw the reviews that said the narration was annoying but I thought it was fun! This book kind of reminds me of the anime “that time i got reanimated as a slime”. Its good times i am downloading the second book as i type this.

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Julian M.

They kind if over-eggagerate in this title.

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Andrew A.

All around great

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Sharon M.

I cannot express how much I hated the narrator. The two main characters spoke in normal voices but everyone else spoke like caricatures. Worst of all was the teacher, Danny. For some reason the narrator thought she should sound like a toddler. It was so annoying that I could only think of how annoying it was rather than the book. The book didn’t get interesting until about half way. I would have given up on it but I had the flu so couldn’t concentrate anyway. The author has a vivid imagination but goes into way too much detail forming her imaginary world. That took up the first half of the book. It did not have enough of a hook to want me to read the second book.

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