Electronic commerce and digital services: from international concepts and normative development in the european bloc to prospects for the European Union – Mercosur agreement

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
7 hours 35 minutes
THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT HAS NO BOUNDARIES. A new business model, product or technological service emerges all the time. Along with the facilitation and solutions brought by technological development, new problems, conflicts and litigation in social and economic relations also arise. Laws of several countries are not often able to keep up with the digital dynamism. Furthermore, there is not a consensus in international trade organisations on the concept of digital services and electronic commerce.

That is the scenario in which the European Union has constantly developed rules to regulate the digital environment, ensuring and combining legal security and standardisation of rules with the practical advantages of these new social and trade relations, stimulating innovation and economic growth. While the WTO and the OECD have not reached a consensus on this matter, the EU has been influencing rules around the world and adding chapters on electronic commerce to its deep integration trade agreements with third countries.

The book analyses EU regulations regarding the online environment such as personal data protection, electronic commerce, electronic contract, electronic signature and identification, advertising, digital services, consumer rights, and taxation. It addresses several decisions made by the Court of Justice and national courts of the EU. The influence of the EU in Mercosur is demonstrated through the analysis of laws and jurisprudence of Mercosur countries.
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