The Emotionally Absent Mother: A Guide to Self-Healing and Getting the Love You Missed

Narrated by:
Emily Durante

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2015
6 hours 42 minutes
Was your mother too busy, too tired, or too checked-out to provide you with the nurturing you needed as a child? Men and women who were 'undermothered' as children often struggle with intimate relationships, in part because of their unmet need for maternal care. The Emotionally Absent Mother will help you understand what was missing from your childhood, how this relates to your mother's own history, and how you can fill the 'mother gap' by:

- Examining the past with compassion for yourself and your mother

- Finding the child inside of you and learning to mother yourself

- Opening to the archetype of the Good Mother

- Allowing friends and loved ones to provide support, guidance, and other elements of good mothering that you missed

Through reflections, exercises, and clear explanations, psychotherapist Jasmin Lee Cori helps adult sons and daughters heal the wounds left by mothers who failed to provide the essential ingredients that every child needs. She traces perceived personal 'defects' back to mothering deficits, relieving self-blame. And, by teaching today's undermothered adults to cultivate the mothering they missed, she helps them secure a happier future-for themselves and their children.
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