Enchanted by the Earl: A Regency Fairytale Romance

Enchanted by the Earl: A Regency Fairytale Romance

Written by:
Amanda Mariel
Narrated by:
Anne Marie Damman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2016
3 hours 32 minutes
Amidst the lush backdrop of Regency England, a headstrong seamstress and an honorable Earl must navigate class divides and personal pride to find love as perilous threats encircle them.

In a realm where class divisions rule, Rose Woodcourt, a humble seamstress, finds her world unraveling. Defiant and self-reliant, she spurns aid even when faced with looming threats to her home and freedom. Enter Hunter Thorne, an aristocratic gentleman whose elevated status only deepens the chasm between them. Rose does not trust him, and bristles at the notion of becoming another of his conquests.

Beneath Hunter's polished exterior lies an unwavering sense of honor. Drawn to Rose's unyielding spirit, he refuses to abandon her to her struggles, despite her relentless resistance. As Rose's circumstances darken, Hunter's own heart becomes entangled, forcing him into a precarious decision. Will he safeguard his emotions or prioritize the enchanting damsel whose troubles have stirred his soul?

In a dance of fate and desire, can an Earl and a seamstress traverse the boundaries of society to find an enduring love?
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