English. Business Words & Expressions - Listen & Learn to Speak (Proficiency Level: B2-C1)

English. Business Words & Expressions - Listen & Learn to Speak (Proficiency Level: B2-C1)

Written by:
Dorota Guzik
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
1 hour 6 minutes
Do you want to master the vocabulary required to conduct conversations freely in the office and in various business situations?

This audio course is for intermediate and advanced learners and it teaches typical expressions used at work and when seeking new employment. Through a general broadening of vocabulary it develops communication skills in the office and in various business situations.

The course was recorded by native speakers and it teaches the authentic language used in everyday conversations at work. It covers 12 main topics, and the dialogues and exercises in each lesson are aimed at learning and mastering over 500 words and expressions. This is effective learning which is easy and accessible to everyone.

Each lesson contains:
• Listen – learning of vocabulary in contexts; listening to dialogues and presentations;
• Repeat – broadening and consolidating of vocabulary used in typical situations;
• Speak – independent formation of sentences in accordance with the teacher’s instructions.

E-book (PDF file) contains:
• texts of all the recordings and answers to the exercises;
• a Glossary including the more difficult words and phrases;
• extra sections including: Curriculum Vitae, A covering letter, Payment – words often confused, Employment – words often confused, Company structure, Business Cards, Saying numbers, Commercial correspondence, Abbreviations, An Invoice, Describing trends, Import / Export Abbreviations, Advertisements, Interpreting statistics.
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